Custom Design Sketch

A custom engagement ring is the easiest way to get exactly the ring you're looking for. We'll make a complimentary custom design that's everything you care about, whether it's the design, main stone or telling your unique story .

Our Simple Process

Start with what you know and let us handle the rest.

Fill out our 1-minute quiz and you'll have an expert on your side.

Your personal designer will custom design your engagement ring and tailor the quality and carat of the stones to your taste and budget. We work with you until the design and all the specifications are perfect.

Your 3d design sketch can then be made into the real thing when you're ready.

Custom Engagement Ring Design


01 Tell us what you care about

02 We'll do design magic

03 Your ring is crafted

Make It Yours

Personalize your ring with design elements that are as unique as you are.

Incorporate your favorite color or birthstone as a 'secret' gemstone, add your initials or a hidden message inside the ring or inspire your designer make it truly one-of-a-kind by telling us what's close to your heart.

Custom Crafted

Your ring is casted in the metal of your choice, hand polished and the stones are manually set. Every detail is then checked under a microscope until we're proud enough to deliver it to you.